A Requirement for Teen Licensing


LoJack Corp Teen Driver Safety Contest

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program supports parents and teens during the pre-licensing process and encourages parents to take an active role in teen driver education. The Program sponsor, LoJack Corporation, wants to know what you've learned from the supervised driving process and asks you to share your safe driver story for a chance to win a LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. Tell us how the program has helped you, what safety tips you use while driving, what your number one rule of thumb is behind the wheel and how you share driver safety tips with your friends on our Facebook page.

The LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is the only system used by police and is proven to track and recover your stolen vehicle. Check out this YouTube video on how the system works.

send in your photos or poster demonstrating your safe driver story or respond to our three "safe driver" questions to enter. share your story on our facebook page.

for official terms and conditions please see "Terms and Conditions."