The value of this program is reflected in the number of families that we reach and deeply engage with over 6 months of programmatic use. Every day, this critical platform, created with our Department of Motor Vehicle Agency partners across the country, delivers on its mission to help teens become safer, smarter drivers–a feat that would not be possible without sponsor support.

“As sponsor, we understand the importance every parent places on keeping their child safe on the road. But our commitment to the well-being of drivers goes much deeper.

For us, safety is a lifelong pursuit. Back when we were founded in 1902, we were already advocating for a national highway system. Today, we continue to help protect with auto insurance and programs that range from child passenger safety and School Safety Patrol® to the AAA PROMise sobriety pledge for teens and defensive driving courses for seniors.

Many of us at AAA are parents too. We understand your concerns. We helped our children become safer, more cautious drivers, and you can too. Just remember: When you have the urge to close your eyes the first time they parallel park…safety always comes first.”


Proud sponsor of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program

“At Toyota, we have a vision of saving lives and amplifying the message of safe driving to teens, parents and educators. That is why we have partnered with The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to promote safe driving for your teen and family. ”


Proud sponsor of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program

“As one of the leading auto insurance providers in South Carolina, Farm Bureau Insurance® is in the business of taking a little bit of the worry out of life by providing a sense of security for when things don’t go as planned. We are also in the business of doing all we can to make South Carolina roads safer for everyone. We see great value in The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program and are proud to partner with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles to make this guide available to you. Please use it as a teaching tool to help your teen develop lifelong safe driving habits. By doing so, you can take comfort knowing you’ve done all you can to instill the proper mindset each time your teenage driver climbs behind the wheel.”

William O. Courtney, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer, South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

“For your teen, a driver’s license represents maturity and independence. As parents, we understand it means so much more. That is why the Colorado National Guard is a proud sponsor of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program. The Colorado National Guard is proud to stand with you and your teen as you begin training responsible and safe drivers.”

Colorado National Guard

“Teaching your children how to drive is a multi-step process that will hopefully help them build confidence on the road and help you gain trust in their abilities. We are pleased to provide The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to map out – for both parents and teens – the path to becoming a safe and successful driver.”

George M. Murphy

President and CEO of Safety Insurance

“Few challenges are more stressful for parents and potentially dangerous for children than getting behind the wheel as an inexperienced driver. Effective education, training and commitment by parents and teens can have a profound impact on reducing accidents and the too often tragic consequences of those accidents. Vermont Mutual is proud to sponsor The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, which provides parents and new drivers with the road map to identify and avoid distractions.”

William Catto

President of Vermont Mutual Insurance Group

“Way to go. You raised a kid with drive. And not just any drive, the kind that inspires life experiences. It wasn’t easy but you did it. And now they’re off with the confidence to expand their world and their view of it. First, driving. Next, may be college. We’ll be here when they’re ready for more financial responsibility. We can't wait to see what they do next.”

Brendan Coughlin

President of Consumer Deposits and Lending

“Our journey is taking children’s health care where it’s never been before. From the exam room to the classroom, online and on the road. Our trusted pediatric specialists and experts work to keep healthy children healthy, while improving life for those who aren’t. That includes providing doctor-approved health advice and comfort through Nemours With more than 10,000 articles, videos and health instructions, we’re here to help parents and teens navigate every milestone. Well Beyond Medicine.”

Nemours Children's Health®

“WE’RE WITH YOU®—ON THE ROAD, WHENEVER YOU HEAD OUT. The largest member-owned petroleum brand in North America, Cenex® has a long tradition of community involvement and support. We are proud to be a sponsor of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, and invite you to stop in whenever you’re on the go. With over 1,400 Cenex convenience store locations in 19 states, it’s easy to fill up and stock up on things you need.”


“MasTrack is proud to be a part of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, helping to ensure that parents have the right tools and information to help their teens become safe and responsible drivers.”